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Towing Auburn:  A Reliable and Reputable Towing Company
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Towing Auburn: One Stop Shop Towing Company

With the complete and high-quality services we offer at Auburn Towing, we are now considered to be a reliable one stop shop towing company for whatever types of towing needs. So, whatever your towing needs are, give us a call right away. Doing this can give you a great assurance that no matter what happened, towing concerns that made you worried and stressed will be completely resolved.


Mechanical troubles and road accidents are very unpredictable. But, it always pays to determine that you're never alone in such type of dilemma. That is due to the fact that there are dependable and reputable people and companies that show their willingness to rescue you from such situation. Well, at Towing Auburn, we are proud to deliver unmatched towing services that can help you out in your towing concerns both simple and major issues. We are located at 

101 Auburn Way S, Auburn, WA 98002. Our phone number is  (253) 269-0339

Our Mission

Our Vision

At Towing Auburn, we always commit to assure that our clients will acquire satisfaction with maximum safety and comfort. We also assure that they will completely receive the best assistance at the shortest span of time, especially during road emergency situations. At Towing Auburn, we are offering the best type of towing services that could help you out in your roadside concerns. No matter what happened, we are always ready to give you the best service wanted.

With our long years of experience in the towing industry in Auburn, Washington, we envision to continue living up as one of the most comprehensive and reputable companies for our clients. We also wanted to make every year of our service a banner of more effective and dedicated services to all our customers for the upcoming years. That is not for the recognition and benefit of our company but more on the satisfaction and convenience of our clients.

Our excellent manpower pool that is composed of trained and highly skilled towing technicians from all relevant types of discipline can provide you our highest quality roadside assistance and wrecker services that you're highly in need of. 

Our team is regularly updated on the most efficient technical training in the towing repair service field. Thus, our clients are assured that towing services will be efficiently done such that no vehicles will stay on the road than necessary.

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What We Offer:

Through the years, our company at Auburn Towing has been providing different types of towing services to clients with diverse towing needs. Aforementioned is the reason why we assure you that we have already mastered how to offer the best variety of towing services to different types of situations.  First and foremost, our company would like to assure that when we receive a  call from you, the response would already be within few minutes. That is because we wanted our customers to trust our estimated time for the arrival of the truck that will tow your vehicle.


Our company can assist you in all types of road dilemmas you are experiencing. Whether it's a dead battery, flat tires, blocked driveway and all other concerns, our company at Towing Auburn is always ready to meet your needs.  All the roadside & towing services are offered at its affordable price making it easy for our clients to seek for our services without experiencing any financial constraints.


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